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Pottery Painting Workshop

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You will be painting your choice of ready-to-paint semi-fired ceramic called a bisqueware, we have a wall full of different ceramics for you to choose from 🙂 This is a great activity for you to create personalized ceramic pieces for all occasions and for yourself and all the people in your life. Come spend some quality relaxing time creating alone or with your friends and family. All ages are welcome.

Each session includes:-

– 1x your choice of ready-to-paint semi-fired ceramic (it’s called bisqueware)

– All tools & materials for 1 pax: unlimited underglazes, pencils, brushes, tape, and all necessary stationery

– Firing & handling services

*Our underglazes are non-toxic and lead free.

All painted ceramics wil be fired in our kiln at ~1200° celcius, the final product is food safe, microwave & dishwasher safe, like any other ceramic bought commercially, only that it’s painted all by yourself.

Your pieces will be ready for collection within two weeks.